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Education lies at the core of the ICO’s mission. Both educational and entertaining, ICO concerts provide exposure to and enjoyment of diverse musical compositions, some rarely performed, with curated themes, informative program notes, and pre-concert chats with the Maestro and/or guest artists.

Specific to youth, ICO delivers programs designed to connect students with live music experiences in schools, the concert hall, or through professionally coached student ensemble performances for the purpose of fostering creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving.

Free Virtual Education Programs

In 2021, the ICO was able to develop 3 new Virtual Education Programs complete with curriculum guides for education professionals. If you are a teacher, you may request free access to download and share this content for educational purposes only. Click each image below to watch a preview.

Grades 4-8

Grades K-3

Grades 9-12

Annual Education Concert

The ICO performs an annual interactive educational concert, free of charge for area schools, with priority given to schools lacking music education programs. In March 2022, the performance at Arsenal Technical School had over 1,000 students in attendance! Special guest, Joshua Thompson, narrated the Orchestra at Work and the ICO performed The Thrill of the Orchestra. The program, listening suggestions, basic information about the orchestra and some suggestions for classroom activities are provided to educators in advance. If you would like information on attending this performance with your school, please email or call 317-940-9607. 

This year’s concert is at Arsenal Technical High School on Thursday, November 16, 2023 with an option to attend the concert at 10:00 AM or 11:30 AM. More details can be found by clicking the registration button below or emailing

Arsenal Tech, IPS Schools, Orchestra, Fieldtrip, Music Education, Free Concert
After school education, after school program, ICO, violinist, music teacher
After school education, after school program, music education, music education program, music student, composition

After School Music Education Programs

In 2022, ICO launched free after school education programs at two Indianapolis neighborhood centers close to schools lacking music education programs. Creative Partner-In-Residence, Joshua Thompson, and educator, Priscille Michel, bring joyful music lessons once a month to these centers including a musical demonstration and performance by a different ICO musician, a music theory lesson, and a culminating craft or project. 

Meeting Academic Standards

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra educational programs meet requirements of Indiana Department of Education Academic Standards and support skills needed for a 21st century workforce.

Indiana Academic Standards

Language Arts
Reading: Vocabulary development, comprehension

Writing: Response to performance

Listening to, analyzing and describing music

Understanding relationships between music, the arts, and other disciplines outside of the arts

Understanding music in relation to history and culture

Evaluating and critiquing music and musical performance

Social Studies

Individual, Society and Culture


21st Century Learning Skills
Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking

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