A word you don’t hear used very often, perhaps even a strange word.  Microsoft Word doesn’t think it’s even a word…it even suggests “rubout” as an alternative word. (!)
But in the orchestra industry, a runout is a common thing.  It’s a concert performed outside of your home city, where the orchestra can travel to the runout city and return back home in one day, without requiring an overnight stay at a hotel.  Runoutsare a great way to expand an orchestra’s outreach, and frequently runouts are sponsored by organizations or businesses that would not normally support the orchestra’s regular activities.  
This week, the ICO has a runout scheduled in Terre Haute.  We are the Orchestra-In-Residence at Indiana State University’s Contemporary Music Festival (CMF), and the Festival will present us in concert on Thursday night.  This will be the fourth year that the ICO has participated in the CMF.  The Chamber Orchestra’s CMF concert program has two unique components each year:  we perform a work composed by Indiana State University’s Composer-In-Residence; we also perform the winning work from the annual ICO Composition Competition. 
This year’s Contemporary Music Festival Composer-In-Residence is Christopher Theofanidis, a former faculty member of the Peabody Conservatory and the Juilliard School. He currently teaches at Yale University.  He has had works performed by leading orchestras from around the world, including the London Symphony, the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Moscow Soloists, the National, Atlanta, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit Symphonies, and many others.  On our concert, the ICO will perform his Bassoon Concerto, with Martin Kuuskmann featured as the Bassoon soloist.
The winner of the ICO’s annual Composition Competition is Bin Li, whose work, Autobahn Beyond, will also be performed.  I’ll be talking with Mr. Li later in the week about his career so far, his musical influences, and his inspiration for his award-winning composition.  I will update you on what I learn about him very soon!
If you’re curious about all the activities at the Contemporary Music Festival, please visit their website at
Otherwise, please check back on the ICO’s blog and Facebook page for updates and photos from our runout!
-Amylou Porter
Operations Manager, ICO

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