Patron-ize the ICO!

Patron-ize the ICO!

Did you know that the majority of composers had (or have) musical patrons?  Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn… the list goes on. Patrons were usually wealthy men and women who had a passion for the arts (many kings and queens funded great compositions!). You have the opportunity to be a part of this grand tradition, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Every donation, no matter how big or small, keeps the creation of new music for the chamber orchestra alive and growing.  Through this project you become a patron of great music by “buying” a measure, a part of a measure, or several measures of a newly composed piece—that is being written and rehearsed as you read this blog!
The ICO rehearsing at the new Schrott Center for the Arts
Why do we need patrons? The cost to compose music scored for a small orchestra (strings, winds, brass, and percussion—roughly 34 players) is very high. Check out the budget below to see exactly what the $20,000 goes to. Great art comes at a price, and new music, especially on this scale, is a very special treat.
The piece that you are patron-izing is a very special celebration of the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and its place in our great city of Indianapolis. ICO composer in residence James Aikman is writing a piece called Triptych: Musical Momentum, a work in three movements for chamber orchestra. The ICO commissioned the piece to commemorate its 29-year history and the recent appointment as professional orchestra-in-residence at the new Schrott Center for the Arts. Aikman drew on the history of the ICO and the theme of Butler ArtsFest as inspiration for Triptych.
(check out this video to hear a snippet of the accompanying music and to hear 
ICO composer-in-residence James Aikman and Executive Director Elaine Eckhart talk about the piece)
Triptych: Musical Momentum will be premiered on April 11, 2014 at the Schrott Center for the Arts.  The concert will be a part of the ICO’s regular concert series in conjunction with the Butler ArtsFest.  You can become a patron by buying a measure (or measures), and then come hear your piece at the world premiere on April 11!


Composition of Triptych: Musical Momentum          $16,000
Extraction of parts from the score                             $2,400
Printing of score and parts:                                       $1,200
Bowings:                                                                       $400
Total                                                                        $20,000
This is a $20,000 collective investment in music that will last beyond our lifetimes.

Donor Benefits

$1-99 = Patron name listed in the program at the world premiere
$100+ = Patron name listed in the program at the world premiere 
Signed souvenir page from the Triptych score

How to Donate

Click here to go to our website or go to and click “donate now” in the upper right hand corner.
Fill out the donation form and type “Triptych: Musical Momentum” in the comments box.
      Send a check
Mail your check (made out to ICO or Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra) to:
4603 Clarendon Road, Suite 36
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Write “Triptych: Musical Momentum” in the memo line
In the words of Composer Aikman: “The spirit of celebration will permeate the overall piece, the music will be uplifting acknowledging the momentum and growth of the ICO and the Arts in Indianapolis.” Thank you for patron-izing the ICO!
Questions? Comments?
Buy tickets for the world premiere of Triptych: Musical Momentum


on April 11, 2014 at the Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts

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